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« The fact that you developed such a Stand was the unluckiest event of your life. » A Diavolo x Reader fanfiction. 8 688 words. Keep reading The last thing Narancia expected was to be reborn in a different life, and he certainly didn't expect to be reborn in a life where everyone had powers and being a hero was a job. ( JJBA X BNHA Crossover, contains spoilers for Vento Aureo ) Fugo x Shy Fem!Reader. How long had you been part of Buccellati’s team? Had it really been a month already? But even after the initial month the only ones you truly felt comfortable around to be yourself were Narancia and Giorno. Mosta was decent, with Abbacchio you could sit in shared silence. A Taste of Sin (Belial x Reader) Summary: He was once a devout follower. The sweet taste of sin had corrupted him and he craved for even more of the delicacy that was chaos. Pannacotta Fugo x Fem Reader (Jealous) - Wattpad. "C'mon Narancia it's not that bad! Fugo's just a tough teacher." "Look what he did to my arm!" He said while pointing at the large welt rising on his arm. Mista dragged his hand down his face. "When he decides to stop acting like an ass maybe I'll reconsider!"

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Guido Mista (グイード・ミスタ Guīdo Misuta) is a core ally featured in Vento Aureo. Mista is a member of Passione and by extension Bucciarati's team, who follows Giorno and Bucciarati in their mission to bodyguard Trish Una. He is a gunslinger and Stand User who shoots down his opponents with the help of his Sex Pistols. Narancia's overall behavior could be summed up as being quite childish, best illustrated with his formal education that does not extend past elementary school. His mathematic skills are so low he cannot properly multiply numbers greater than single digits, knowing that 6 x 5 = 30 but then managing to calculate that 16 x 55 = 28. A collection of one-shots originally written on my tumblr featuring the villains of Vento Aureo/Golden Wind x Reader! Reader is referred to as they/them in most/all stories. All works are Safe For Work, rated PG 13 at the highest. A bunch of JJBA one shots I have been writing and posting on my tumblr and Ao3 (of the same name). Updates irregular cause COLLEGE! *Mild smut begins at chapter 39 (Dio x Reader x Jonathan), lemon begins at chapter 47 (Dio x Reader)* #fluff #jjba #jojo #jojosbizarreadventure #love #reader-insert #romance

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Tutoring (Yandere!Narancia x reader) “Narancia, we went over this last week. You should know this.” “I know, but I’m not sure I’m doing it right. Can we please go over it again?” “Fine, but not today. We should’ve finished 20 minutes ago.” Narancia’s features slowly morphed from hopeful to upset in a matter of seconds. Remember When ~ (Abbacchio x Reader) ⚠Warning: Angst + Spoilers⚠ It was all sudden to you, the moment you woke up. Throwing the sheets and getting ready for the day. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you waltzed right into the bathroom; taking a long, warm bath. Steam rose up and you poured drops of various oils into the tub. ️ jojo's bizarre adventures · jjba · jjba scenario · jojo scenario · matchups · tags are kind of a ~~~spoiler~~~ so i make this one to keep the character hidden until one clicks the read more deal with me please · diamond is unbreakable · jojo part 4 · rohan kishibe · kishibe rohan · rohan jojo · rohan x reader · kishibe rohan x ... A bunch of JJBA one shots I have been writing and posting on my tumblr and Ao3 (of the same name). Updates irregular cause COLLEGE! *Mild smut begins at chapter 39 (Dio x Reader x Jonathan), lemon begins at chapter 47 (Dio x Reader)* #fluff #jjba #jojo #jojosbizarreadventure #love #reader-insert #romance

“You don’t love me, Narancia.” Your words hit its intended target right where it hurts, at least, that is what you think. Your arms twinge with the indents of his nails, drawing blood. But you can’t think about it now. Narancia stumbles to the floor, his eyes blown wide with what you can only describe as despair.

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Jul 14, 2019 · c-can I ask for Brunos gang w an s/o who has Tourettes and is self conscious of their tics pretty please? Under the cut for length Bruno Buccellati: Bruno is patient, and wouldn’t be bothered by or... Dec 07, 2019 · Hello! I’ll see what I can do ^^ I’ve never written Narancia as a love interest, so this should be fun :D I got a little carried away, but oh well, this was amazing to write! Secret Santa. Pairing: Narancia Ghirga x Fem!Reader. Word count: 934. SFW. When Bruno suggested doing a Secret Santa these holidays, you didn’t think much of it.